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Best Toothpaste Brands – Desensitizing & for Kids

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There are several toothpaste brands available in the market; some for adults and others for children. Toothpaste is further divided into different categories based on their ingredients and usability. Most of the time toothpaste is used for general cleaning to maintain the hygiene of teeth and has basic ingredients. There are also medicated toothpaste available in the market which can be used to relieve sensitivity and pain. Though there are several brands but we here are enlisting some of the best toothpaste brands that are highly popular.

Toothpaste for normal teeth and daily use

  1. Arm and Hammer
  2. Aquafresh
  3. Colgate
  4. Crest

Toothpaste for sensitive teeth

  1. Oragel
  2. Sensodyne

Toothpaste for children

  1. Colgate