Setting up an appointment is an easy task for everyone. But for the time patients; there can be some curiosity or apprehension regarding the appointment. Questions like what will happen there, which forms to fill, or what is the first step are some common thoughts for most of the patients. Let us have a walk-through of a dental appointment.

Step-1: Setting up an appointment, confirmation, and reminder.

Step-2: Visiting the clinic.

Step-3: Filling up the dental and/or clinical history forms.

Step-4: Meeting the dental staff (Dentist or Dental Hygienist).

Step-5: Oral checkup.

Step-6: Treatment providing or scheduling.

All you need to know about Dental appointments

Whether you have some sort of dental condition or it’s just a routine checkup, a dental visit twice a year is considered as a must for everyone. If it’s your first time visiting a dentist for a checkup, you must ensure that you take all your medical history with you for the appointment, and if you feel some cavity or sensitivity be sure to tell the dentist about it.

What to expect while going to the dentist?

If this is your first time visiting a dentist for an examination, there is nothing to be worried about. In this article, we’ll get you prepared for the all-important visit. The first and most important step is to make sure that you are making an appointment with an experienced and expert dentist. Once, that is made sure, you won’t have to worry about the rest as the dentist will only take the necessary steps to ensure your dental health.

During your visit, the dentist will ask questions in order to raise a little of your general health history. On subsequent visits, be sure to inform you of any changes in your health.

Most of the time, visits to the dentist are limited to a review of the state of integrity and hygiene of the teeth. Routine consultations, which include cleaning your teeth and should preferably be done every six months, help keep your teeth cleaner and last longer and help prevent the development of problems that can cause pain.

You may need to take a panoramic x-ray. This type of x-ray provides a complete image of the lower and upper dental arch and helps the dentist to analyze the occlusion and the relationship between the different teeth.

What will happen at the dentist’s office?

The dentist will take precautions and carry out examinations to check whether your teeth require any special treatments or your dental health is perfectly fine. Upon your visit one or some of the following procedures will be carried out:


A thorough cleaning is carried out almost on all of your visits to the dentist. The dentist would clean out all the plaque or tartar that builds-up on your teeth and gum to help maintain your oral health. If needed, the dentist would polish and floss your teeth.


The main purpose of your dental visit is to see if your oral health is in good condition or not? For this purpose, your gums, teeth, and mouth will be examined to check for any signs of bad health. If found, proper measures will be taken to prevent or cure any diseases.


At times, some issues with the teeth are underlying and require an x-ray to check for any diseases that might be building up. Damage to jawbones, abscesses, cysts, decaying, or tumors might go unnoticed without an x-ray.  

How often should you visit the dentist?

If your teeth and gums are in good condition, you can wait three to six months for the next visit. However, if treatment is needed, make an appointment again. Ask questions and mention any problems you are facing in between your visits.